School Help in Fiji

DESTINATION: Fiji  DURATION: up to 4 weeks


 Pay in installments?

What is School Help in Fiji?

Education is hard to come by with under-resourced facilities in the Yasawa island chain of Fiji. Support the schools and their teachers by teaching English to the local young people. 

Is it made for me?

If you love kids and are passionate about educating future generations, love beaches of coral gardens and incredible Fijian food, then look no further. 

What will I do?

Immersed in the Indigenous Yasawa community, the project provides the opportunity to be immersed in the laid back Fijian culture whilst supporting locals through their education, improving future prospects. Programs offered include: early childhood, one on one reading, vocational and other educational programs including agriculture and marine. 

Where can I do it?

Surrounded by crystal clear lagoons and pristine white sand beaches, this program is situated in the remote Yasawa island chain of Fiji. 


What will my experiences be?

This program will enhance your world awareness and understanding and strengthen your communication skills.  You will learn how to structure lessons and teach children effectively. You will leave with confidence knowing that you have played a part in educating the next Fijian generation.

How is this good for me?

Do you want to see another world, another culture and help children learn and discover the fruits of education in their communities? Do you want to help impoverished neighbourhoods and contribute to the growth of an economy in need? Maybe you are thinking of a career in education or childcare and would like some hands-on experience before you study. 

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